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Type 2 Translate is a web-based translation agency providing professional translation services in over 80+ language pairs. Type 2 Translate connects certified freelance translators from around the world in order to provide the best-in-class professional translation services to a global list of diversified clients using only human translation. We only succeed in our mission when we know you are truly satisfied with the outcome of your translation. Our goal is to provide superior translation service at the lowest price possible.

Some of the many industries and sectors our expert professional freelance translators can translate in include :

  • Medical Translation Services
  • Translation of Technical Materials
  • Document Translation Services
  • Text Translation Services

Easy translation platform, upfront pricing, expedited turnaround

Easy Translation Platform

All of our professional freelance translators have been fully verified and offer superior quality work. Translations offered in over 75 language pairs!

You can create your free Type 2 Translate customer account by either uploading your first project in either the text for translation or document translation forms on the home page or the translate page, or create your account here.

global professional translation services

Once you have started your first translation project and selection of your professional translator has been allocated by one of our project managers, you will be given an estimated time-frame of when your translation should be completed based on the average translator output (approximately 2,400-3,500 words per day *based on content type).

Once your translation project has begun, you can have a conversation with the translator on the project page. This allows you to communicate directly with your translator throughout the duration of the project as well as uploading and receiving documents related to the project to provide context for a better translation.

After your project is completed, you are sent an email confirming the completion and you may rate your translator based on how well you feel they did the job and even choose to use the same professional translator for future projects.

We do not spend thousands of dollars on advertising because we are translators, not salespersons. We simply do not have to spend a great deal of money to try and persuade you that our quality, prices and turnaround time are the best; our prices are simple and fair and our quality speaks for itself. $0.07 per word/character is a flat rate that many translation agencies cannot compete with without providing poor work.

Why choose a professional translation with Type 2 Translate?

Some translation companies believe that they can make extra money and pool a larger group of translators by letting substandard translators work on standard projects, then by charging the customer a larger fee for a “superior” translation. Not with Type 2 Translate. All of our translations are guaranteed at top quality or your money back; for this reason we heavily screen our translators to ensure you get the best for your money.

Why our translators are better

We select our expert translators for their superior scores on rigorous testing, their high-quality production, and outstanding customer service skills. We back-check each translator to ensure we are working with fully qualified individuals with the proper credentials. In addition to highly experienced translators, we require that all of our translators have proof of internationally recognized academic performance; most of our translators hold four-year degrees in linguistics and/or language-related programs. Our translators are highly educated individuals. You can also rest assured knowing that your personal information and sensitive document/text information is safe with our staff.

The facts

When you pay $.079 per source word for translations with site “O”, the translator only receives $.05/word; which means they only keep 63% of the price of your translation they have worked so hard for.

Compare that to a “standard” source word price of $0.06 with site “G” and you will see that they only pay their standard translators $.03/ word; or only 50% of the translation price. But they occasionally offer cookies and T-shirts to their top translators…

We not only pay our translators, we pay them quickly and fairly!

Unlike many of our competitors who pay as little as 70% or less. Quite frankly, we like to ensure that our translators are not frustrated. We have also found that a happy translator means a higher quality translation service and when this happens, that means we have succeeded. We want to be your source for all of your translation needs.