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I am a native Finn from middle Finland, form a town named Jyväskylä which well known of its university. I went to school there and graduated in 1977. I started my studies of architecture in 1979 in Helsinki University of Technology and was granted the diploma in 1988. My major subject was history of architecture, thus I extended my interests upon linguistics and cultural studies. After studying many different subjects in University of Helsinki, including Latin, Classic and Modern Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Sanskrit, Tamil and Malayalam, along with the Arts, I defended my doctoral thesis in 2004 on South Asian studies. I am an Associate Professor (dosentti) in University of Helsinki. I live presently in Chicago, United States.

I have worked as an architect and a researcher with some teaching experience. When writing articles and books, both in Finnish and English, I have learned to pay attention to both the consistency of the material and the necessary details. Thus I am simultaneously analytic and detail oriented. For this reason I noticed that I am also competent as a translator/editor which line of work I started in july 2012.

My work as translator/editor involves English text translated into Finnish and vice versa. I have come across mostly texts on medicine (medical research protocols), business (particularly anti trust policies), information technology (software, websites), technology (particularly user's manuals), marketing (brands), tourism and entertainment industry (TV shows).

My strongest fields of expertise are the Arts, architecture and science.

I have also analyzed translations with bilingual linguistic tables from original Englsh/Finnish text to the so-called forward translation (FT) and back translation (BT) in order to find the most adequate versions for translations.

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