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I love using my passion and ability for linguistic nuances to help my clients achieve their goals.
I believe efficient communication across language barriers is secured through executing every detail just right. In order to complete a full-circle Norwegian presentation of your company, your texts, your website or your literary work, you need to team up with someone who knows the ins and outs of both English and Norwegian details and idioms. You are good at what it is you are doing. I'm as good in helping you to reach a Norwegian target audience with a rich, fluent and native Norwegian language.

Professional English to Norwegian translation services!

I've been working within translations for 3 years, growing a successful one-man business.

I work with big international brands and am a trusted translator for various agencies and businesses of all sorts and sizes. On an ongoing basis I've carried out localization work for Booking.com. I've translated texts for clients in the travel industry and IT-industry, as well as medical and technical texts.

When it comes to copy writing, I've previously written articles for companies, blogs and on-line resources covering a variety of topics. I've written for the travel industry, for financial services and for HR-consultancies.

I also offer interpretation services upon request, as well as proofreading, QA and advice on how to promote your business in the Norwegian market.

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