Business Translation Services

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Business Translation Services

Challenging economic times for businesses around the world demand higher quality marketing, effective communication, and timely results. With professional translation services from the leading web-based translation agency on your side, Type 2 Translate is proud to help your business go global. Business translation services can range from industry to industry and we look forward to getting to know a little more about your business. Boost international and local business sales with professional our best-in class website translation services.

Go Global at High Speeds!

Specialized and experienced native translators within the fields of finance, human resources, law, marketing, business communications, as well as medical and technical translations are ready and willing to provide your business the tools to conquer the global operating environment. For more information about each of our professional translators and how we optimize human translation, feel free to read more about all of our professional translation services.

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Global Business Translation

Industry Standards

When it comes to specific industries, the threat of legal action is real. Do not put your company at risk by seeking machine translation when the message must be communicated accurately. Our human translation strategy and process is time-tested and ready to provide you with the best business translation services to keep your company ahead of the game.

Business to Business Translation Services

Translate financial statements and other documents with guaranteed confidentiality. Our translators deliver on hard deadlines for the business to business operating environment, and our platform boasts high quality controls, as well as discreet and confidential project pages for your source and translated content. Before seeking professional translation services for your business, make sure you are working with a translation agency which takes security seriously. Our translation platform is secure and your information is safe. For more information on our website security, click here.

Business Success
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Specialized Translation Services

Our guarantee to deliver high-quality translations is not limited to any specific industry. Our expert, professional translators come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of the more specific industries for which we conduct specialized translation services include:

  • Certified Translation Services
  • Document Translation Services
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Medical Translation Services
  • Financial Translation Services
  • Marketing Translation Services
  • Engineering Translation Services
  • And much more!

Tailored language services by expert professional freelance translators and friendly project managers make for the best business translation partner. For more information on all of our professional translation services, read more here.