• 5 Tips to Succeed at Multilingual Campaigns

    20 March 2016
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    Rocco Baldassarre | T2T Guest Articles author


    Rocco Baldassarre

    5 Tips to Succeed at Multilingual Campaigns

    Online advertising gives businesses the possibility to advertise almost anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Most businesses promote to regional or national markets but there is a growing amount of companies that are expanding their operations to multiple markets which all speak different languages and have unique needs.

    I have have helped more than 3000 businesses with international advertising campaigns and would like to share the five more important things businesses can do right now to set up successful multilingual campaigns:

     1) Advertise using the local language

    Not everybody speaks English and not everybody would buy from a website that doesn’t speak their language. Localizing the ads and website content is going to open up to a much bigger market share and the conversion rate itself will be higher.

    Ideally, you would also set up customer support in the local language to create a perfect user experience.

     2) Don’t translate, but localize the content

    Translating literally means “the process of translating words or text from one language into another”. However, localizing refers to “the process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components and translating text”.

    Localizing the content of the ads, websites and any other type of content is the way to go for all businesses. Let’s have a look at a list of advantages of localization:

    • The content is going to feel natural and will be much more likely to be liked by the target audience
    • The user won’t realize that you have translated the content from a source language. As a matter of fact, localizing the content most times require to rewrite it from scratch for the new language
    • Potential clients are going to be more likely to convert because they will subconsciously trust your website more

    There are no disadvantages that come from localizing content except from the fact that this service usually costs more than standard translations but it usually pays off fast!

     3) Start small and scale up

    Businesses need to understand what works and what doesn’t in a new market before scaling up their advertising efforts in it. The best approach is assign each new country a testing budget and then start assigning custom budgets to the campaigns that are converting at a good CPA.

    Some tips to test new markets include but are not limited to:

    • Start with a small, shared budget for all campaigns within a new geographic market
    • Bid aggressive enough to get some visibility and maximize the clicks within your budget
    • Test a more aggressive bidding strategy on a portion of the traffic and evaluate what the difference in the conversion rate will be. This is going to determine the future business’ bidding strategy

     4) Use the proper payment methods

    Not all countries have the same online payment methods and businesses need to localize their service by adding local payment methods on their websites. For instance, in some countries people prefer to pay when a package is delivered and offering this payment method to customers makes a huge difference in the conversion rate.

    The best way to figure out what payment methods are common in another county is to look into local competitors and see what they are offering.

    5) Study the culture

    The main issue with international campaigns is the need to understand how different cultures work. For instance, there are many countries speaking Spanish in the world but people in these countries don’t behave similarly online.

    Localizing the content of a website partially helps with it but hiring a local consultant is going to be fundamental to speed up the learning curve of the business and develop strategies that are likely to work well within a given culture.

    In conclusion:

    There are a lot of factors involved with the creation of international campaigns but there seems to be a huge focus on creating a business that adapts to the different needs of international consumers.

    The ones above are only five of the many things that a business should do when starting an international campaign and I am eager to read your input as well. Comment below and share your thoughts!

    Baldassarre Rocco, CEO

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    Rocco Baldassarre

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    Rocco Baldassarre

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