Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services with Type 2 Translate

At Type 2 Translate, we guarantee the quality of all of our professional translation services. Our human translators come from a variety of different backgrounds and we are proud to offer certified translation services in specific industries. Type 2 Translate will provide a certified translation services certificate of authentic translation following the completion of any of our expert translation services.

Certified Translation Services offered by Type 2 Translate

  • Legal document translation
  • Certified translation solutions for business
  • Certified document translation services
  • Certified Financial translation services
  • Immigration document translation
  • Certified medical translation services
  • Birth certificate translation services
  • Marriage certificate translation services
  • Certified academic translation services
  • Certified technical translation services

Contact Us

Request a Certified Translation

To request certified translation services, please use our Contact Us form and provide us with basic information regarding your translation request.

Receive a quote

We will evaluate your request and send you a quote

Our Administrative Team will evaluate your request, conduct a full word count and review of your project specifications and design a project page for your translation. We will conduct an internal review of qualified professional translators to ensure we can provide you with the certified translation you need. We will then send you a quote in no time for the total translation project price and a link to your project page.

Translation project in progress

Your certified translation project begins

Once you have funded your certified translation project, your project is live and allocated to one of our professional translators.

Message your translator

Use our project message board to message your translator

You may message your translator using our project message board throughout the duration of your project. The more details our translators have regarding a project, the more professional the document translation. You can provide any context information that may help and even ask the translator questions.

Translation complete

Certified translation project completion

Our human translator will complete your translation in a timely manner and you will receive an email when your translation is complete. You can then rate your translator and elect to use them for future professional translation services you may need. At the completion of the translation project, our Administrative Team will deliver a digital copy of your certificate of authentic translation, certifying your translation for use.

Your destination for certified translators!

In need of a certified translation? Look no further. Here at Type 2 Translate, we have the skills of certified translators who translate in their target languages and only translate to their native language.

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Fast translation services

Quick turnaround time at high quality

If you are in need of a certified translation, Type 2 Translate has what you need to make it happen. Our certified translators are here 24/7 to get your translation done quickly and professionally. Once your translation project has been completed, you may request a certified translation certificate for your records which also provides a historic link to your project page (private) so you may login at any time and access your project.

Save money on a certified translation now!

Type 2 Translate offers the lowest price, highest quality translations by professionally certified freelance translators from around the world. Translate financial statements and other documents with guaranteed confidentiality. Our translators deliver on hard deadlines for the business to business operating environment, and our platform proudly boasts high quality controls, as well as discreet and confidential project pages for your source and translated content.

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Talk to your professional translator

Communicate with your professional translator on our platform throughout the duration of the translation projects and notice how professional human translation paired with a best-in-class web-based platform offers you the highest quality in certified translation services.