Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services with Type 2 Translate

Type 2 Translate services requests for document translation services from a variety of client types and needs. Whether you have a personal document translation requirement or you are in need of business document translation services, our professional human translators are here for you.

Types of Document Translation Services

Upload your document for translation

Using our Contact Us form, please upload your document for translation and provide any information you would like regarding your translation request.

Receive a professional translation quote

Our Administrative Team will evaluate your request, conduct a full word count and review of your project specifications and design a project page for your translation. We will then send you a quote in no time for the total translation project price and a link to your project page.

Translation project in progress

Once you have funded your document translation project, your project is live and allocated to one of our professional translators.

Message your translator

You can message your translator using our project message board throughout the duration of your project. The more details our translators have regarding a project, the more professional the document translation. You can provide any context information that may help and even ask the translator questions.

Translation complete

Our human translator will complete your translation in a timely manner and you will receive an email when your translation is complete. You can then rate your translator and elect to use them for future professional translation services you may need.