Multilingual SEO

What is Multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO, or multilingual search engine optimization, is combining the sciences of delivering professionally translated content in a viewer’s native language while also using sound SEO strategies to make the dynamic content available to a particular language group. Multilingual SEO does not just involve creating a translated copy of a webpage. It is also necessary to ensure that specific keywords are targeted which are relevant to a specific audience’s language and region.

Wait, there is a difference between multilingual SEO and multiregional SEO?

Yes. In short, there is a difference between the two but they can be combined to deliver the best marketing results. While multilingual SEO mainly involves the language aspect of search engine optimization, multiregional SEO can take things a step further by also targeting specific locations where a language is spoken. For instance, if you have a website which offers a French version for viewers in France, you may decide to make a separate version for your website visitors from Canada. French Canadian is quite difference than French spoken in France and if your website design does not reflect solid multilingual and multiregional SEO practices, you may run the chance of not making it into the SERPS (search engine ranking pages), or worse yet, you may confuse the visitors you receive if they are unfamiliar with a particular dialect.

Multilingual SEO with Type 2 Translate

International Search Engine Optimization or multiregional SEO is combined with multilingual SEO as the ultimate step in creating a global-friendly website, app, or digital marketplace for international visitors. Type 2 Translate provides the professional translators, best-in-class translation platform, and high-quality performance to bring you to the top of the search engines around the world and in your neighborhood. Comprehensive multilingual SEO services with Type 2 Translate combine the best in human translation with the best strategies in multilingual SEO by Google.