Professional Chinese Translation

Professional Translation Services – Chinese

Type 2 Translate gives you the support of an army of certified translators in over 80 language pairs!

Our professional translators are experts in the field of professional Chinese translation. We have certified translators with the ability to translate to Mandarin Chinese, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese. Our professional translation services also include translations to the Cantonese dialect of Chinese.
Our professional human translators can handle Chinese translation in the following capacities:

  • Translation in Chinese; Beijing Dialect
  • Translation in Cantonese, Chinese; Hong Kong 廣州話 Dialect.
  • Translation into traditional Chinese; Taiwanese Dialect.
  • Chinese document translation.
  • Chinese text translation.
  • Chinese business translation.
  • Chinese general translations.
  • Chinese legal translations.
  • Chinese financial translations.
  • Chinese marketing translations.
  • Chinese manual and manuscript translations.
  • Chinese YouTube captioning.
  • Chinese website translation services; Chinese website localization.

Professional Chinese Translation

Why is a professional Chinese translation important?

Chinese is the fastest growing language in the world and also has the fasted growing economy globally. Chinese is the language of culture and commerce and has a rich history spanning the course of over 5,000 years. This highlights the importance of seeking professional Chinese translation services.

Chinese Language Around the World

Who Speaks Chinese?

As the most widely spoken native language in the world, Mandarin accounts for nearly 1 billion native speakers. Mandarin alone is just one dialect of Chinese and accounted for over 14% of the world’s language population in 2010.

Global Native Mandarin Chinese Speakers

Chinese Internet Usage and Website Translation

Importance of Chinese Website Translation

According to the December, 2013 numbers published by Miniwatts Marketing Group, Chinese accounted for nearly 650 million users on the internet. This means that Chinese is the language of more than 23.2% online visitors around the globe; highlighting the importance of professional Chinese website translation services.

Use Chinese to Browse the Internet

Professional Chinese Translation for Business

Chinese is the Modern Language of Business

As pointed out well by CRCC Asia, Chinese can be considered as the language of the 21st century. The Chinese language is an integral part of what keeps today’s global economy moving. This is why more and more businesses are understanding the need to be able to communicate their message effectively using professional Chinese translation services.

Professional Chinese Translation Services ~ The Global Importance of Chinese

Chinese is a Top 10 World Language

With over 1,380 million speakers of Chinese around the world, according to a 2015 statistic published by Ethnologue, Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. This figure represents a rapidly growing market, making it an essential part of the professional translation and localization needs of any international business or organization. As more and more business is conducted in Chinese daily, companies around the world are realizing the importance of professional Chinese translation and website translation services.