Professional Korean Translation

Korean Translation Services

Type 2 Translate gives you the support of an army of certified translators in over 80 language pairs!

At Type 2 Translate, we have human translators with the abilities to produce professional translation services both to and from Korean. Our professional Korean translation services include both northern and southern dialects.
Our professional translators can handle Korean translation in the following capacities:

  • Translation in Korean; Southern Dialect
  • Translation in Korean; Northern Dialect.
  • Translation into traditional Korean.
  • Korean document translation.
  • Korean text translation.
  • Korean business translation.
  • Korean general translations.
  • Korean legal translations.
  • Korean financial translations.
  • Korean marketing translations.
  • Korean manual and manuscript translations.
  • Korean YouTube translation & captioning services.
  • Korean website translation services; Korean website localization.

Professional Korean Translation

Why Are Professional Korean Translation Services Important?

Whether you are seeking professional Korean translation services for personal reasons, or for business needs, the quality of your translation in this language should still remain high. Why? Korean is a formal language with deep cultural roots. Not taking the time to ensure your message is communicated correctly can be culturally offensive and in most cases, a deal breaker.

Korean Language Around the World

Korean Language Around the Globe

Korean is the native language of nearly 80 million people around the world and ranks as number 17 on a worldwide scale.

Korean Internet Usage and Website Translation

Professional Korean Translation for Websites

Korean is the native language used by nearly 42 million internet users around the world. As a top language of technology and commerce, the need to have a professional Korean translation showcased on a website has grown exponentially in the last decade.

Professional Korean Translation for Business

Professional Korean Translation for Business Solutions

Some of the worlds top companies are native Korean companies with deep history rooted in their language. To name a few of the top Korean companies, Hyundai Motor, POSCO, Kia Motors, Hyndai Mobis, LG Chem are some of the worlds largest corporation. The chances you or your neighbor use a product or service from any of these companies is highly likely. Exports make up over half of South Korea’s economy; this goes to show that the Korean language is a top language for global business. For these reasons, professional Korean translation services are and will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Korean is a Language of Technology and Commerce

The 2015 study published by Ethnologue illustrates that there are over 77 million native speakers of the Korean language around the world. While Korean is not one of the top ten most spoken languages of the world, Korean is however one of the top ten languages most used on the internet. As a language which has thrived from top technology and industrial corporations, Korean is one of the most important languages to include in a multilingual SEO strategy for businesses around the world. Using professional Korean translation services to translate your website would expand your comprehensive reach to a larger international audience.

Professional Korean Translation: Cultural Importance

Professional Korean translation involves mastery of culture and formality

The Korean language is the official language of both North and South Korea, as well as one of the official languages of The People’s Republic of China Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. While it can be argued that the South Korean dialect is the most one of the highest dialects of Korean sought when it comes to professional Korean translation services, as a whole, the Korean language has deep cultural roots and is a formality-driven language.

Korean Language Internet Population

As published by Miniwatts Marketing Group on Internet World Stats, as of December, 2013 South Korea had an estimated 41,571,196 online users and an internet penetration rate of 84.8%. The United States was next on the list at 84.2%. This means there is an ever-growing rate of internet users coming from the peninsula who speak and read Korean. As a technology capital of the world, Korean is a language of business and culture in today’s modern and global economy. It is now and will be more important to seek professional Korean translation services in order to do business with Korean speaking persons around the world.

Korean Language in the United States

Korean Speakers in the United States

Korean Speakers in the United States

Korean Speakers in the United States

The importance of professional translation services to serve a Korean-speaking audience…

Korean-Americans have a deep-seated cultural history in the United States. Dating back to 1882 when the United States and Korea signed a treaty in order to establish missions in each country and when the first Korean was naturalized a US citizen in 1885, the Korean language in the United States has become an exponentially growing ingredient in the American linguistic melting pot.