Professional Russian Translation

Professional Russian Translation Services

Type 2 Translate gives you the support of an army of certified translators in over 80 language pairs!

Our human translators are experts at providing professional Russian translation services for business and personal needs. Our professional Russian translators come from various backgrounds and ranges of expertise; we can handle any Russian translation project you have for us; large or small. Our professional translation services cover a range of different industry and service types.
Our professional translators can handle Russian translation in the following capacities:

  • Translation in Russian; Moscow Dialect
  • Translation in Russian, Eastern Dialect.
  • Russian document translation.
  • Russian text translation.
  • Russian business translation.
  • Russian general translations.
  • Russian legal translations.
  • Russian financial translations.
  • Russian marketing translations.
  • Russian manual and manuscript translations.
  • Russian YouTube captioning.
  • Russian website translation services; Russian website localization.

Russian Language and the Internet

Russian Website Translation

According to a recent study by Miniwatts Marketing Group in June, 2015, Russian is the 7th most widely used language for online browsing. As one of the top ten internet languages of the world, it is necessary to seek professional Russian translation for your website translation needs. With over 103 million online users, Russian accounts for 3.2% of the world’s entire internet population.

Use Russian to Browse the Internet

Russian Language in the World

Who in the World Speaks Russian?!

Russian is the native language to more than 170 million people around the world, according to Ethnologue. As one of the top languages most frequently used around the world, the demand for professional Russian translation services has steadily grown among the most popular industries since the end of the Cold War.

170 million +

Russian Culture

Professional Russian Translation and Culture

The Russian language has a long and rich history which spans over a thousand years. Empires and governments have been proud to make Russian the official language and today it is the official language of 5 countries and 15 international territories and economic zones.

Global Importance of Professional Russian Translation

Russian is a Top 10 World Language

According to the 2015 study by Ethnologue, Russian boasts more than 170 million native speakers globally. As a top ten language of the world, Russian is essential to include in any localization strategy. Professional Russian translation services have been necessary for companies around the world to conduct international business.

Legal Russian Translation Services

Type 2 Translate has translated numerous legal Russian translation documents to include: business plan translation, articles of incorporation translation, government contract translation services, user agreements and service agreements and patent translation. We have multiple Russian translator experts around the globe ready to provide a confidential Russian translation at any time.

Russian Medical Translation Services

We are proud to offer our confidential medical Russian translation services and continue to work with US and international hospitals, clinics and personal care facilities in providing high quality professional Russian translation services. Over the years, we have provided Russian website translation services for medical websites and multilingual SEO services, Russian desktop publishing and translation services, healthcare and medical document translation services and more.