Professional Translation Services

Professional Translation Services

Professional Translation Services

What are professional translation services?

A certified professional translation product is the result of the efforts of a qualified individual whose main skill consists of communicating the meaning of a source (original) language into a target (translated) language. Professional translation services can range from a variety of translation types including human translation, crowd-sourced translation, and even machine translation. At Type 2 Translate, all of our professional translation services are elevated by the use of our professional human translators.

Human Aspect of Professional Translation Services

Professional Translation Services & Human Translation

Professional Translation Services & Human Translation

Our success and yours come from our global network of professional translators

Professional translators recruited by Type 2 Translate are educated, experienced, and understand the value of on-time communication with project management staff and our worldwide clients. Our professional, human translators are experienced in delivering a multilingual message that conveys the author’s meaning in the reader’s native language. At Type 2 Translate, the essentials to delivering professional translation services every time include a professional translator, like those described above, a dedicated project management team, and an easy-to-use translation platform.

Professional Translation Services, Industries & Specialties

What industries most often rely on professional translation services?

Translation services are vital to the life-blood of the modern business. International corporations, and today’s ever growing global economy, are dependent on the correct portrayal of a message, delivered in a different language.  Here are some of the industries which rely most on professional translation services as well as the specific types of professional translation services we offer at Type 2 Translate:

  • Legal Translation Services
  • Aerospace & Defense Translation Services
  • Financial Translation Services
  • Immigration Translation Services
  • Academic Translation Services

Professional Translation Services & Human Translation

Professional Translation Services & Using Human Translation

Professional Human Translation: A translation by a trained, experienced, and skilled translator who is adept in the communication of the meaning of one language (source-language) to the meaning of another language (target-language). The benefits of using a human translator include subject-matter expertise, a higher-quality translation product, and confidentiality.

At Type 2 Translate, all of our professional translation services use human translation to provide a translation our clients can depend on, whether for legal, business, or personal use. Our professional translation services are backed by our renowned customer service and communication skills. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide timely updates and deliver above and beyond our customer’s demand for professional translation services.
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Non-Professional Translation Services

crowdsourced translations services

Crowd-Sourced Translation Services

Type 2 Trasnslate does not employ the used of crowd-sourced translation. Crowd-sourced translation services are generally considered as a translation service provided by a large group of non-expert translators and multilingual persons. This type of non-professional translation service provides a quick, cheap translation of large amounts of content. While there are many cons to this type of non-professional translation service, it is great for translation of large, bulk data, social media content, and content which needs only a gist understanding.

This type of translation service is not recommended for use in a professional environment. Drawbacks of a crowd-sourced translation include lack of control over large groups translating separate sections of text or a complete document, little to know confidentiality of proprietary or sensitive information, and ambiguity for content among multiple translators. Even professional translators can translate using different terminology. For this reason, it is recommended to use human translation by a dedicated professional translator instead of a group of linguists who simply have familiarity with a foreign language. When seeking professional translation services, conduct adequate research of how your translation project will be completed. 

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Machine Translation

Machine Translation generally employs the use of a large database of content which has already been translated in a similar context. Additionally, machine translation can include the use of dictionaries to quickly translate large volumes of content at little to no cost. The largest drawback from machine translations include the large-scale ambiguity of translated content. Most machine translation software relies on word-for-word definitions. As a result, this can produce an unnatural target translation which does not convey well in the reader’s native language.

This type of non-professional translation service is usually not recommended for professional use or public display. Machine translation is not a type of professional translation service since it cannot pick up the general nuances of most languages.

Computer Assisted Translation / Computer Aided Translation (CAT)

A process by which a human translator utilizes Translation Memory (TM) software to aid in the expedited delivery of a translation product. The translation memory software allows the translator to categorize specific types of translations by content-type. The software is then able to remember key word combinations, which will generate similar content for future translations.

Potential drawbacks of Computer Assisted Translation include inaccuracy of translated content if the human translator is not meticulous in proofreading and editing translation memory output. Other possible drawbacks of this non-professional translation include potential ambiguity of target-language content.

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Importance of Professional Translation Services

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Why are Professional Translation Services Important?

When seeking professional translation services and deciding on which type of translation method to use (human translation, crowd-sourced translation, machine translation, CAT translation, or a combination of all), keep in mind what type of content you need to have translated.


You will want to employ the use of machine translation if you need to quickly translate a large amount of content, which is not sensitive, proprietary or confidential in nature, and you have an extremely limited budget; you may also wish to explore the pricing options of crowd-sourced translation services.


If you need a 100% accurate professional translation which is error free and/or your content for translation is of a confidential nature, a professional, human translator is most likely the best source for professional translation services.