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We are Type 2 Translate and we value your commitment to excellence. We are not like those other companies.
We charge our customers $.07/source word to keep our prices competitive and pay you $.05 per source word!

If you find another translation agency that offers such a great deal to customers to help guarantee you work flow, while also paying you such a fair amount, please let us know.

Our Goal

  1. To offer a superior service in the translation industry for customers while also providing them with a fair price.
  2. To maintain high morale among our translation community and offer you, the translator, a higher return for your stake in the company.
  3. To quickly become the standard in the world of web-based professional human translation; we are all about doing better than our competitors!

At Type 2 Translate, we are always seeking professional experienced talent to work with us as a translator. If you would like to inquire about our hiring process please register below and we will be in touch shortly!