Why Type 2 Translate?

How do we make money while also saving yours?
Most translation websites spend thousands of dollars or more on advertising their “superior service” on the most popular websites and forums. You will find that most of these “sixty minutes or less” websites that are at the top of some search engines not only take longer than they claim, but also have hidden fees.

They spend all of the money on advertisement, and then pay their translators a fraction of the price they charge the customer. They usually do not know their translators and you will not be able to get much information about the individual or group handling your information, nor will you have the ability to successfully contact the translator throughout the long process.

Here at Type 2 Translate we recognize the power of social media advertisement from strong networking (yes, that means if you are not a satisfied customer, our advertising campaign fails). We are therefore in business to make you 100% happy with your translation.

You can be assured we will provide you with not only sufficient details regarding your personal translator who is handling your sensitive and personal documents, bit also where in the world your translation is being handled.

Most other companies will provide you a possible nickname and sometimes a fake photograph of the person conducting your translation. They have thousands of translators around the globe; this is true, and because of this anyone could have your information.

Type 2 Translate follows strict rules (not guidelines) to not only keep your personal information safe, but also keep the content we translate safe; from contracts to love-letters. Our translators follow the laws and regulations set forth in our non-disclosure agreement they sign before working with T2T. As well, we closely monitor translations for translation quality and we guarantee your money back quickly if you are not satisfied with the end result! No translator will use machine translations to support their translation. If you wanted a word for word machine translation with shabby sentence structure, we suspect you might have gotten that for free elsewhere. In other words, we are the real deal!