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Transcript Translation Services

Many universities, both US-based, and international, require prospective students to submit both a transcript in the native language as well as a professional transcript translation in the university language. US law requires accredited universities to receive a professional transcript translation in English to and most universities’ admissions departments require transcript translation services before approving transfer credit from a foreign university. Type 2 Translate offers transcript translation services across all of our 80+ language pairs and we have professional, certified translators ready to assist in providing students with a professional transcript translation. In addition to educational institutions, many employers require a professional, third party translation of transcripts and other academic records when hiring foreign applicants.

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To inquire about our transcript translation services, use the Contact Us form and provide us with basic information regarding your translation request. Our representatives will get back to you in no time!

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Type 2 Translate LLC charges by source word-count for any of our professional translation services. General, non-technical documents start at $0.07 USD per source word. For a certified transcript translation, including the translation certificate, there is a $0.12 USD charge per source word.

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Your certified translation project begins

Once you have funded your translation project, your project is allocated to one of our professional translators.

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Use our project message board to message your translator

You can message your translator throughout the course of your translation project to ask and answer questions related to your transcription translation. This is a great tool which helps to answer context questions and deliver the most professional transcript translation.

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Transcript Translation Complete!

Once your translator completes the transcript translation, you can download a digital copy directly from the project page. If you would like, you can also request a certified mailed version of the professional transcript translation to yourself or the institutions of your choice.

Transcript Translation Services to the Rescue!

Please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with or any questions we can answer related to your transcript translation services request. Contact Us here for more information!

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Quick turnaround time at high quality

If you are in need of a certified translation, Type 2 Translate has what you need to make it happen. Our certified translators are here 24/7 to get your translation done quickly and professionally. Once your translation project has been completed, you may request a certified translation certificate for your records which also provides a historic link to your project page (private) so you may login at any time and access your project.

Save money on a certified translation now!

Type 2 Translate offers the lowest price, highest quality translations by professionally certified freelance translators from around the world. Translate financial statements and other documents with guaranteed confidentiality. Our translators deliver on hard deadlines for the business to business operating environment, and our platform proudly boasts high quality controls, as well as discreet and confidential project pages for your source and translated content.

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Communicate with your professional translator on our platform throughout the duration of the translation projects and notice how professional human translation paired with a best-in-class web-based platform offers you the highest quality in certified translation services.