YouTube Translation

Here at Type 2 Translate, we understand that words are powerful, and that when combined with video, words in the viewer’s language can truly make the difference in getting your message across. If you have a Youtube video for which you would like a translated caption, we can translate the content for you, and create the subtitles that will roll throughout the video presentation.
We also provide full implementation of your translated YouTube video and can embed the content on your website for you.

YouTube has come along way in allowing videos to be made available to the world. One of their most recent developments allows for the automatic translation of existing YouTube videos through Google. This is a great option if you don’t expect any native readers to read your content. But what if you need something more professional?

Professional YouTube translation vs. Automatic YouTube translation

Professional YouTube translation and captioning services allows your content and message to be delivered effectively to the world without glitches or errors. Automatic YouTube translations can lead to errors in the final multilingual YouTube video resulting in a viewing audience who is uninterested, confused and even at times, insulted.

A professionally translated YouTube video is the kind of message most viewers will want to see in their own, native language and it is exactly what you can expect from Type 2 Translate. Our translators are prepared to make your YouTube translation captioned and ready for the world!

YouTube Translation & Captioning

Type 2 Translate is proud to offer our best-in-class YouTube Translation and captioning services. Paired with our website translation services, a professionally translated YouTube video is one of the best ways to allow your international and multilingual website visitors to understand your message.

YouTube Translation & Captioning Services

Add Captions to a YouTube Video

Did you know, you can actually add your own captions to an existing YouTube video? In order to translate your YouTube video, Type 2 Translate will either need the URL of an existing YouTube video with or without captions so we can either, add captions to the YouTube video, or use the captions from the YouTube video to complete the YouTube translation. If you would like to add captions yourself, YouTube makes it really simple to add captions to your existing YouTube video. Just follow the instructions in the YouTube Help Video.[/vc_column_text]

YouTube Translation & Captioning Services


YouTube Translation with Type 2 Translate

Once you send us your YouTube URL or a video that has not yet been uploaded to YouTube, we will conduct an analysis of your video content. If your video needs a transcription for narration in an existing language, we can transcribe the video and add the initial captioning in the source (original) language. If your video already has a transcription, we will initiate our YouTube translation with the transcribed content into the target language. After your YouTube translation, we will add the transcribed content into your YouTube video for you to create a multilingual media presentation that is sure to amaze!